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Being a Supervisor 1.0: The Workshop

After retiring as the president of Catholic Charities in Paterson, NJ, I wrote a book “Being a Supervisor 1.0: a Handbook for the New, Aspiring, and Experienced Supervisor”, published in July of 2018.

Since then, I developed a workshop on the same topic. I tailor the workshop to meet the needs of interested organizations, emphasizing that book subject matter of most interest to the organization. Workshops have been as short as 90 minutes and as long as 6.5 hours with most agencies requesting 3 to 4 hour presentations. To see a boiler plate power point presentation of the workshop, See below.

If the agency purchases copies of the book for participants (minimum audience of 20), and cover my travel and lodging expenses, I will waive my presenter fee.


What My Clients Say?

Joe was very knowledgeable and presented it in a way that was engaging with just the right amount of humor.
This is exactly what I needed. It literally covered every topic I had questions about and provided very practical solutions I can implement. Great information. Thank you
The four hours flew by quickly. Mr. Duffy covered topics of interest to me as a supervisor. His use of humor and anecdotal stories made for a most enjoyable learning experience.

A Few Of My Clients