The Pro Truth Pledge – I Pledge to Share, Honor, and Encourage the Truth

Take the pledge, wont’ you, please? Yes, take the “ProTruth Pledge”. To learn more about it and take the pledge, visit I just finished reading Gleb Tsipursky and Tim Ward’s book “Pro Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting the Truth back in Politics” a book which details the post truth political world in which we find ourselves drowning today. It goes well beyond the nuns back in grammar school who when suspecting us of lying, would make us stick out our tongues, say they were black, proving we were liars. Armed with lots of research, the authors dissect lies, the many types and degrees and uses of them, offers a reasonable explantion for how our political environment devolved to what it is today, and offers practical advice for taking the blinders off for the lie believers, the foundation of which, is encouraging anyone and everyone, politicians, news reporters, you and me, to take the pledge. Check it out. #truthinpolitics#truthmatters#liesinpolitics

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