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Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a must read for the first time or aspiring supervisor.  Like an easy to follow cookbook, it provides recipes for the many skills necessary to be a successful supervisor, providing information useful in preparing to step into the supervisor’s role and fulfilling those duties on a daily basis. It is a useful tool for the experienced supervisor as a lens to assess his/her supervisory practices and a resource tool in coaching and mentoring less experienced supervisors.

About The Author

I retired in 2016 but am as busy as ever absent the responsibilities of senior leadership. Writing my book “Being a Supervisor 1.0” consumed a great deal of time in the months immediately following retirement. After that, and ongoing, much time was and still is dedicated to marketing my book including an occasional workshop across the US(and one in Africa) on all or a part of it. 

I travel about the US and Canada monthly as a peer reviewer with the Council on Accreditation (COA) conducting accreditation/reaccreditation surveys for human services organizations committed to best practice service delivery.

My wife and I became foster parents, raising puppies for the Seeing Eye Foundation. We take a puppy into our home at about 7 weeks of age and raise him/her until about 17 months of age at which time the puppy returns to the Seeing Eye for formal training before being paired with a blind or visually impaired person. Happily, my wife and I get to enjoy time with our four young granddaughters often.

Since July of 2018 I joined the firm of Dennis C Miller (DCM): Experts in Nonprofit Leadership Search as a Senior Vice President for Recruitment. DCM also offers leadership and board development resources, training and consultation.

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What Readers Are Saying?

I had the opportunity to read Duffy's "Being A Supervisor 1.0" and was struck by how well organized and thought out his approach to managing people is. He also does a great job of detailing the many different roles of a supervisor and gives helpful tips and examples of how to set yourself up for success. This is a great read for any new manger or any young business student who plans to manage and lead people. I immediately added this text to my college curriculum, as it is a clear and concise road map to help any manager have success and positively impact people.
David D Nix
This is clearly the work of someone who has been there. But more than that, these are the kind of insights from someone who shows you not just what to do, but how to do it. You can see in the way that the words of wisdom, the jokes and the stories are shared, that Mr. Duffy put his priority on how he treated his people and how important it was to advance the mission. Read this if that is the kind of leader that you want to be.
Rachel Lustig
Strong organizations all have one thing in common: skilled, effective supervisors, passionate about mission. Joe Duffy has delivered a terrific toolbox for new or aspiring supervisors, as well as more seasoned leaders keen to learn from another’s experience. Joe's half a century of education and experience percolate throughout this excellent and informative handbook.
Kevin Ryan
President, Covenant House, and former Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Children and Families
I found it exciting to see in a readable, usable form what I have found to work in my 30 plus years of supervision. “Being a Supervisor 1.0” by Joseph F. Duffy crafts a clear, practical, comprehensive approach to effective supervision. This book is unique in the description of insightful, tried and true best practices and examples of their implementation. This book is an essential reference for the preparation, growth and development of supervisory staff and the deepening of their skills. Both new supervisors and seasoned staff will benefits from its use.
Rosemary Moynihan SC, PhD
Congregational Leader, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey Former Director of Community Mental Health
Supervision is both an art and a science. It can be learned but must be practiced to be fully mastered. Good supervision skills are especially important for the civil society/nonprofit sector which relies greatly on influence and collaboration. They are essential too for the government and business sectors. In “Being a Supervisor 1.0” Joe Duffy sets out easy to understand foundational management knowledge that every supervisor needs. These practical lessons, learned from a long career and leadership, are timely for the 21st century manager in any and all sectors.
M.D. Kinoti, PhD
Associate Professor of Nonprofit Management, Regis University, Colorado, International NGO Consultant
Joe Duffy’s years of leadership experience has allowed him to address many essential topics and introduce new supervisors to the fundamentals. The book demonstrates intelligent and rational management decisions. Knowing what to expect and normalizing predicable experiences helps new managers navigate what can be at times an overwhelming environment. “Being a Supervisor 1.0” offers new managers as well as seasoned leaders a framework in which quality services and cooperation are likely to result. I highly recommend, “Being a Supervisor 1.0” and its use as part of the mentoring process.
Sam Pirozzi, PhD
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